Esky EC135-05 Backup Camera Review

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Esky EC135-05 backup camera is another great product. It is a wonderful auto rearview camera. It possesses lots of features that stand it apart. The brand is a waterproofed HD camera and has a viewing angle of 135A degrees. It is the best for night driving, because of its infrared LED property, which is 7 in number.Esky EC135-05 backup camera

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This means that you can see well in the night when you use the rearview camera. When you order the packages, you will get the product, in addition to the necessary accessories that are needed to have it installed. Some of the accessories included in the package are 19ft AV cable and DC power cable.

Why You Should Use Esky EC135-05 Rearview Backup Camera:

The major purpose of installing this type of camera in your car is to ensure that you drive safely. This product has all the accessories that would guarantee you safe driving. It is fitted with LED infrared light. This is 7 in number. This is to ensure that you are safe anytime you use the product.You need the product because it is modestly priced. This means that you do not have to empty your bank account just to get one. Moreover, it is user- friendly, as you are not going to find it difficult to install it.Furthermore, you discover that the rearview camera is waterproofed. This means that you can use it in any weather. You have a lot to gain when you use it. It is one of the best you can lay your hands.

Features Of Esky EC135-05:


One of the outstanding qualities of the rearview camera is that it is waterproofed. When you are looking for this type of camera, one of the key features to consider is whether it is waterproofed or not. The importance is that you can use it in any weather condition, though with caution. It is important to state here that the whole component is not weather resistant.When it rains, you are to use it with caution, because water could enter the housing unit. Not all types of rain can penetrate the casing. It is only torrential rainfall. In any case, there is no need to drive in heavy downpour. The product is reliable. Many users liked the product for that.Esky EC135-05

Viewing Angle:

Another great attribute of this great product is the viewing angle. The viewing angle is put at 135A degrees. This is enough viewing angle and this means that you can see your back clearly when you drive. When you are using the rearview camera, you would be driving with confidence knowing fully well that you are going to see your back very well. This is possible because of the wide viewing angle.Furthermore, it features infrared LED light. This is seven, and the essence is to help users see very well in the night. Whether you drive in the day, or you choose to drive in the night, you will drive with confidence because you are going to have enough illumination. This is one of the greatest attributes of the camera.


The product is highly affordable and this is one of the features to consider when you are looking for this kind of product. Despite the high-end values, you still discover that you do not need to empty your bank account before you can buy it. Apart from the fact that it is affordable, it offers different kinds of warranty and guarantees to ensure that you get the best benefit from using the product. This is one of the good things going for it.

Unique customer Service:

Not every manufacturer of this kind of product will answer you when you call them. Another attribute of Esky EC135-05 backup camera is the good customer service. If you have any issue with the rearview camera, you can contact them through the various channels they make available to you. When you contact them, they would respond to you in a record time. You cannot get frustrated using the camera because any issue you have with it would tackle promptly. This is another great attribute and many people recommended the product for this.

Esky EC135-05 Manual:

Producers have made available a manual, which contains instructions you need to have it installed. Just follow the manual, within a few seconds, you will have it installed. The manuals are easy and simple to understand.Esky EC135-05 manual

Esky EC135-05 Install:

One of the greatest attributes of the product is that it is simple and easy to install. Even a novice can have it installed after going through the manual.

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  • The camera has enough viewing angles at 135A degrees
  • It features 7 infrared LED light and this is good for night use
  • It sells at great price and many people could afford it
  • The product is not difficult to install, just follow the Esky EC135-05 manual, and install it within a few minutes
  • They offer reliable and effective customer service


  • You have seen that it is not completely weather resistant
  • Some users complain about the picture quality, which they said can degrade

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Is it completely waterproofed?A:Esky EC135-05 is waterproofed, but as you can see from the attributes, the product is not completely waterproofed. Rain can find its way into the housing unit, and it can damage the system.Q:Is the cable long?A:Yes, the cable is long enough. The video cable is estimated to be 19ft long. The only problem is the cable that powers the camera. This is not long enough.Q:When does it activate?A:It will always activate when you put the car in the reverse gear. You can monitor your back.

How Does the Esky EC135-05 Backup Camera Compare to the Furrion Rv Backup Camera?

The Esky EC135-05 backup camera offers reliable performance, but the Furrion RV backup camera stands out with its superior image resolution and night vision capabilities. While the Esky camera is a budget-friendly option, the Furrion camera is known for its durability and high-quality construction.

Alternative Products:

If you are finding it hard to use Esky EC135-05 rearview backup camera, there are alternative products for you. One alternative is the Backup Camera Monitor Kit for Car Universal License Plate Reverse Waterproof Night Vision Rearview HD Reversing Camera and PARKVISION IR Night Vision Car Rear View Backup Camera, IP68 Waterproof Grade, Mini Square Design Bracket Mounting Parking Reverse Camera. These are good alternatives for a number of factors.The first product is waterproof and offers about one hundred and eighty degrees rearview. This means that you can get a better view of this product.

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Furthermore, it features a video and the monitor and can start on its own and display images for you when you reverse your vehicle. It is affordable.

For the second product which is the Parkvision IR Night Vision car rear view camera has great features. It offers superior night vision just like Esky EC135-05. Furthermore, it offers higher definition images. Furthermore, it is waterproofed and this means that you can use it in different weather conditions.

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Esky EC135-05 rearview backup camera is one of the best rearview backup cameras on the market today. It has lots of features that make you enjoy the product. It is affordable and offers great customer support. The product is easy to use and install. It is highly recommended. You are going to enjoy lots of warranties.

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