Best Backup Camera For Trucks Drivers

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The Backup camera system is available for different kinds of trucks. Availability is not the problem, but how to choose the best from the various options on the market. Now that 2018 deadline for trucks to have this electronic device is around the corner, many aftermarket product owners are working hard to have it installed to beat the deadline. This product offers different benefits. Apart from helping, the truck drivers observe their back when they are in a reverse gear, it helps truck drivers to drive safely. Most importantly, it is expected to end the alarming rate of accidents associated with reverse driving.

Information provided here will help truck owners, especially those using aftermarket vehicles to purchase their backup camera for trucks and have them installed.

Comparison Table Of The 5 Best Backup Camera For Trucks In Market Today

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1. Peak PKC0RB 3.5-Inch Wireless Back-Up Camera:

One of the best backup cameras for the truck is peak PKCORB 3.5-Inch Wireless Back-Up Camera. It is a full LCD color monitor. The product has great features that make it unique.

The monitor size is 3.5-inches, and it is a full-color video. Mounting the product is not difficult because it has features that make it easy to mount. For easy installation, it has an adjustable mounting arm, as well as a suction cup. It displays images clearly, and this means that you are not going to find it hard to use it.

Secondly, it is a Weatherproof camera. This means that users will not find it hard to a driver in the winter season. This says something about its reliability. This camera can easily be mounted on the license plate frame.

Quality viewing is another attribute of this backup camera for trucks. It offers 110-degree of viewing angle. This is large enough because you can observe thing that happens in your back. This is a superior quality rearview device.

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Moreover, the camera is easy to install. Instruction manuals are provided and with the manual, you can install it within a few minutes. Furthermore, it is easy and simple to use the camera. It’s standby with Auto-On mode is always on. The product is equally good for different kinds of vehicles such as RVs, Cars, SUV’s, Towing Boats, as well as Trailers, Campers and so on.

best wireless backup cameras for trucks


It is obvious that this is a multipurpose camera. If you are looking for the best, you should not hesitate to use this model. It is designed for different kinds of vehicles and this means that you will derive a value for your money.

2. AUTO-VOX Cam 6 Rear Reverse Backup Camera:

If you are looking for a high capability backup camera for your pickup truck, you can always opt for this product. It can be used for different vehicle models such as a Mini car, Pickup, SUV, and Truck and so on.

Most importantly, AUTO-VOX cam 6 is unique for its installation. The installation process is not difficult. It is a question of hooking it behind your license plate. It can be installed without any holes. This implies that you do not need to drill a hole to have it installed in your truck. After installation, it is not going to cover anything displayed in your truck.

One of the key features of this kind of backup camera system for the truck is that it is waterproofed. It has the best-waterproofed standard, which is IP68. When you use this product, you do not need to worry about a mist or fog getting inside of the system. Even if it rains heavily, the camera is going to work. Weather cannot be a problem with this camera.

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The backup cameras for the truck are good for those who want to use it for parking guidelines. But, if you do not want to use it for that purpose, there is an option for you. You can simply change the setting to normal.

Many users are happy with the backup camera for the truck because they regard it as guardian to their back. You can monitor your back, and drive away from all obstacles.

3. Chetoo CCD Car Backup View Camera:

When you are looking for a good quality backup camera for trucks, you have to consider different factors. One of the key features is night vision. This chetoo ccd is unique as it can offer one hundred percents performance. It is going to provide efficient light in the night. This means that you are going to see your back very well. It uses 12 LED lights and that is why the brightness would always be very high.

Most importantly, this product is waterproofed. Weather and water cannot be a problem because water cannot have access to the system as it is one hundred percent waterproofed. It can serve you longer than several other truck backup cameras out there.

The installation process is not difficult as many peo

ple may be thinking. Once you check or consult the manual, you would discover that the system is simple and not difficult to install, and even to operate. It is user-friendly.

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Moreover, the camera is suitable for different kinds of vehicles such as SUVs and different kinds of cars. It features an AV cable. The cable is long enough. It is at least thirty-three feet long. Because of that, it can be easy to have it in your system.

Furthermore, this brand is compatible with different kinds of car monitors, especially those that use the backup camera with RCA input. It enhances the efficiency.

It has a unique wide view angle. The view angle is estimated at one hundred and seventy degrees. This is wide enough, and you are going to benefit from the system.

4. Podofo Wireless Waterproof Vehicle Backup Camera Kit:

To get the best from this product, you have to switch the AV2, as well as the video channel 2370. Moreover, podofo uses two antennas. The antennas have to face each other. This will improve the image quality. The distance between them is about two meters. You are going to enjoy quality images.

Another great thing about this is that the product is not difficult to install. It features wireless parking assistance. The model uses a wireless receiver. Furthermore, it uses 7-inch TFT LCD screen monitors. The implication of this is that you receive hig


h-resolution images, as well as full-color display. In addition to that, they use rearview IR camera, and this has a built-in wireless transmitter.

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With this backup camera for trucks, you can enjoy night driving, because of night vision. To ensure that you see well in the night, it uses eighteen different infrared (IR) LED lights. Once you put your car on the reverse gear, the camera will begin to work for you.

The camera uses two video input and these two videos can be used for different purposes. While you can use one of the videos to monitor your back once you reverse your car, you can use the other to watch DVDs, TV and so on.

 backup camera kit for trucks

Most importantly, this product is strongly waterproofed. It features IP67 waterproof capability. This is strong enough and this means that you can cope with the severe marine weather. Furthermore, the camera is durable, because of the hard metal case. It is equally mud proof. It does not heat up easily.

5. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7″ Display (Black) RVS-770613:

This rear view safety backup camera features color to display images. The CCD camera has a viewing angle of 130 degrees. This ensures that you view your back very well as you drive. Most importantly, the product makes for good night vision. Even if you decide to use it in the dark, you are going to have a clear vision of your back. This is because of the eighteen infrared lights. This is bright enough because you can see your back very well even up to fifty feet. This is a reliable product.

Moreover, the backup camera is waterproofed and the waterproof rating is IP69K. You can use it under any weather condition without worrying yourself about distorted vision.

The mounting process is also simple because of the universal mount. You can mount it in your license plate or any other place of your choice. The monitor is about seven inch and uses seven digital TFT LCD monitor.

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It uses sixty-six feet cable and the connection were superb. The product features aircraft grade connection. Moreover, when you order the product, you are going to get all the connected components. It is certain that this is a user-friendly backup camera system for trucks.

This is a durable and superior quality backup camera for trucks. It can be used on other cars as well. It uses the highest IP rating. The camera cannot disappoint because it is meant to work in different weather conditions. You are going to enjoy it because you will actually have value for your money.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Backup Camera Kit For Trucks

You are not the only person thinking about equipping your vehicle with the best backup camera system for pick up truck. Many other people are interested in doing that because everybody is interested in beating the 2018 deadline. The rush for this is reasonable. Everybody wants to be safe while driving. This device will help you a lot to be safe on the road because your back will be well monitored for you.

If you want to enjoy the benefit of this kind of product, then you must avoid those brands that cannot deliver. Because of this, you have to take every step to get the most reliable backup cameras for trucks. Unfortunately, this is not easy for many people, especially novice drivers. It is obvious that such people need help. The essence of this write up is to help such people to select the best products out of the thousands on the market today.

In order to get the best, you have to consider these important factors. They will assist you in making the right buying decision.

How to gain access to the dash:

The most important priority is the best place you can place the camera and the monitor when you eventually purchase one. Before you use it, think of the best place you can plug it. Because of this, your truck dash is very important. You have to think of how best to assess your dash for the plugging of the device. Moreover, what you require in the rearview method depends largely on what you have in the dash.

If your truck is an aftermarket product, and it possesses a touchscreen receiver and has rear view input video, then your vehicle can have the camera installed in it. If your aftermarket vehicle lacks this, then you think of different ways of having this installed, before you can think of enjoying this system.

Rear view camera to use:

When you have dealt with the issue of the dash, and you are sure that you will have this installed in your truck, then you have to get to the next step of the process. It is time to think about the type of rearview camera to choose.

There are some important factors to consider when you are searching for the best camera. You should know that the camera has to be waterproofed. With this feature, you can use it in the rain, winter, and so on. This protects the camera from water damage. Furthermore, most cameras sold these days are tiny. Apart from these features, there are other important factors to consider.


The Sensor is one of the things that make cameras unique. There are different kinds of sensors on the market, and these have their unique features which you need to understand before you can make your choice. The two sensors to choose from include CMOS sensors, and CCD sensor.

The difference between them is how they convert light to signal. While CCD sensor is analogue, the CMOS counterpart is digital. There are benefits and drawbacks associated with each of them. It is important that you know these before you make your choice. If you are having a problem of fluctuating light, then you can think of CCD, because it is better adapted to handle that situation.

If that is not your problem, then you can think of CMOS sensors. They consume less power and they work better under low light condition. Moreover, you have to think of the environment you want to use the vehicle before you can make the final choice. Ensure that there is no interference.

Parking Lines:

Another feature to consider includes the parking lines availability. This is an important feature because it helps in determining the correct place to park the car, especially if you are going out from the previous parked positions. It can really assist you by gauging the distance and spaces available for you to park. This is necessary when you want to squeeze your truck in a tight place.

Having this thing in place is important for those who want to get the best. Consider how the line feature works, and determine whether you can cope with it. Want to read more about how to use backup camera lines for parking easily.

Mirror Image:

This is another important feature. Whenever you observe objects through a mirror, you are going to see the reversed version of the object. Check whether the mirror image is selectable or whether it is not selectable, and always consider this when you are making your choice. Remember this depends on the type of camera you choose.

Viewing Angle:

A lot was said about viewing angles when the best backup camera for trucks was reviewed above, and it is obvious that its importance is well noted. Generally, viewing angle is indispensable if you want to have a clear knowledge of objects moving behind you. Ensure that the camera you want to use provides a healthy viewing angle. Some can provide up one hundred and ninety-degree angles. This is unique because it means that you are going to see more. The wider these angles are, the more you will see objects behind your back.

Low Light:

Most importantly, consider the least light condition, which the camera can work. Check several products and compare this unique feature. Check the lux rating and determine whether it can provide clear and vivid pictures under such conditions. It is advisable to look for those products with enhanced low light capability, and which has additional LED or infrared light, which can light and provide illumination when you put your car on the reverse gear. It is likely that you get a clear image under this condition. You must check this aspect very well because it can affect the quality of images you receive.


This feature is perhaps the most important and it is regarded as the most defining feature for backup camera products. Consider the various ways you can mount the product. There are various ways of mounting them. You have to consider the best amongst them. You must check the vehicle rear very well to select the most suitable camera for it. When you have done that, then you have to think of the most suitable mounting style. There are various mounting options available, and they include the license plating mounting, lip mounting, bracket mounting, as well as vehicle specific mounting, and so on.

Many modern cameras are suitable for license plate mounting. There are several others, which suit universal approach strap mount. When you choose this kind of mount, ensure that screws are available for mounting. Lip mounting is the best option for those with inset areas in their cars. Angled lip mounts camera is most suitable for that situation, and this option can be more subtle than the license plate mounting.

Bracket mounting is the other type of mounting option. This option is the most universal as it makes for an adjustable bracket and with this, you can simply mount your camera anywhere that you deem it necessary and fit.

The vehicle specific mounting is another option, and you can opt for this when you want to replace fitted factory part. If you are looking for a product that can match your vehicle, you can always opt for this method. It is a specialized type, and you can place it on your license plate, as well as lip mount.


The next thing to consider when you are making your choice is the installation process. You have to consider whether to install it by yourself, or you are going to engage professionals to do the installation for you. If you want to do the installation by yourself, then you have to acquire InstallCard. This makes for professional installation. With this tool, you can actually have the camera installed without looking for professionals or seeking assistance from anybody to have it installed for you.

For self-installation, you should know that you have to go through at least three different phases of the installation process. The processes are first having the camera installed in the rear of your car, as well as having it wired.

The second part is the video installation. You should know that it runs on a video and because of that, you should learn how best to do the video installation. The connection has to run through the dashboard.

After connecting the cable, you still need to undergo the final connection stage, which is taking the video cable to the rear compatible monitor or to the stereo. This means that during the installation process that you must remove that stereo from the dash, and then reinstall it.

However, if you want to use a wireless backup camera system, you do not need to undergo the strenuous wiring processes as the system works through digital wireless method. This does not mean that there would be no installation process, most aspects have to be cut down as you only need to wire that camera, as well as the monitor. The aim is to power it.

Now that you have seen, how the installation processes can influence the final choice that you make. There are other important factors to consider in making the right choice. For detail’s, you can read this step by step backup camera installation guide.

Field Of View:

Several factors determine the field of view of your camera. Because of that, you have to consider a number of factors to make the correct choice such as image sensor size, its lens focal length, and the type of lens as well. It works like the standard camera. This implies that you have to search for those with bigger sensors because they are going to deliver superior quality images when compared to those with smaller sensors. It all depends on the type of image quality you are looking for.

Moreover, such sensors can be more reliable even in low light conditions. The least viewing angle you can get is ninety degrees. You should not aim for the least. If you get something in the neighbourhood of one hundred and twenty degrees, it is manageable. If you think that you should opt for something bigger, then you go for the super wider angles such as one hundred and eighty degrees to two hundred and ten degrees. You can get all these in the market. It is a question of searching for them.

Monitor Type:

Most importantly, the type of monitor you use can affect the quality you get. You have to choose modern day monitors such as the liquid crystal display LCD. This is better than the CRT, which belongs to the old category, which is not good because of the inferior quality images it can deliver. Apart from the LCD monitor, another type on the market today is the TFT-LCD monitors. This is considered the panicle quality and because of that, it should always form your first choice.

Screen size as said before is important, but that has to be a matter of personal choice.

Why Backup Camera For Trucks Are Important:

Driving on the road can be compared to what is happening in the government where the government policy is always not to look back, because of the severe consequences. Anytime you find yourself on the driving seat, it is better not to look back because of the potential consequences. You will be unable to see what is behind your wheel, and this poses a lot of consequences in the country. It is not good for the driver, and it is certainly not good for other road users. The worst hit is pedestrians who are often knocked down. Looking back when driving can be termed a reckless driving, and every driver must avoid that.

Many citizens in this country, especially children were often affected by the inability of the driver to see his back. This is not limited to any type of vehicle. It includes different kinds of vehicles plying on the road such as SUV, minivan, van, as well as truck and so on. It was reported that in the US that more than children were killed by backovers. These accidents are not intentional. Such unnecessary deaths would have been avoided if every vehicle owner uses the backup camera for trucks.

Even if children are prevented from passing through the road to avoid unnecessary deaths, backovers have other issues to deal with, and the most prominent among them is double parking. Installing backup camera kit will prevent all these. Children would no longer be crushed and unnecessary road accidents could be prevented. Because of this, every car owner must endeavor to have this installed before the deadline reaches.

What You Need To Know About The Best Backup Camera For Trucks:

In the course of this work, you come across certain terms, which may not be familiar to you. Here are some of them and what they mean.

CCD stands for charge coupled device. It is one of the types of rearview cameras. It is more advanced and more expensive than the other type, which is the CMOS. Moreover, this type offers the best quality image, and they are more efficient even in the low light situation.

CMOS is the other type of backup camera, and it stands for complementary semi oxide semiconductor. This was developed in the 60s, and they are analog based. They are not as efficient as the CCD, and it is less expensive. It features a low image quality and it is certainly not the best under low light condition.

Camera angle refers to the width of the view you are going to enjoy when you have this type of camera. It is often better when you have wider angles because you have a better view of the product.

Night vision refers to the ability of the camera to see by night even at the lowest light condition. Without this feature, the camera would have a limited feature.

Installation refers to the process of putting the backup camera kit together. There are different mount options such as universal, license plate, and fixed mounting and so on.

Backup Camera And The Law:

It is proper that the NHTSA put the law at this time to prevent unnecessary accidents caused by backovers. It is assumed that at least two hundred people die in this country because of accidents associated with back driving. The action by the government was motivated by a lawsuit. It is certain that many vehicles would comply as the deadline reaches. The rush to have this installed is understandable.

Final Verdict:

You have now seen that it is mandatory for trucks plying on the road would have a backup camera system for trucks installed. With different brands and models on the market, it is certain that many users would not find it easy to make a choice. Information provided here would help such people to make a choice.



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