Pioneer FH-X720BT Reviews In 2023

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Pioneer FH-X720BT is another double-DIN receiver. It offers several options such as playback, USB charging, as well as smartphone option. It can perform Bluetooth audio streaming, as well as media playback option and so on. Mixtrax and Bluetooth capabilities make many things possible with this auto stereo. This stereo is different from others, as it does not feature a touchscreen.

Pioneer FH-X720BT Review
Pioneer FH-X720BT




Things To Consider Before Buying This:

Are you planning to buy the best audio stereo and you are finding it hard to make a choice, the following guide will assist you.


Before you select this type of product, you must ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle. There are lots of aftermarket audio stereos out there, read reviews and select only those compatible with your vehicle.


Because the product may not come with your vehicle, you must consider the installation issue when you are making your choice. Look for the model you can easily install and control. It does not make any sense to buy this kind of device where you find it hard to control it. Always refer to pioneer fh x720bt manual for installation guidelines.

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Furthermore, consider the issue of cost. There are various models on the market. Have an idea of what you want to invest and stick to your budget. However, ensure that you do not compromise quality while making that your decision. This is very important.

Pioneer FH-x720BT Reviews:

Pioneer has an edge when it comes to the manufacture of superior quality electronics. Perhaps the best addition you can make to your dash is the FH-X720BT receiver. This product is unique because of the design. It displays in several colors such that you can choose from the two hundred and ten thousand colors it displays. It illuminates very well and this means that you can always make your car attractive when it is playing.

There were several other products before this one, but one thing sets it apart from several others out there and that is the no touchscreen.

It is designed to fit double DIN, the difference is that you will not see the fancy touchscreen which you see in similar products. The interface is simple and very easy to use. Refer to pioneer fh x720bt wiring diagram to know how the double DIN technology works.

Many people prefer it for its no touchscreen interface. It does not only improve your dash quality, it makes it easier and simpler to use.

It has several features, which include the pioneer fh x720bt 2 din cd receiver, as well as the FM/AM tuner. Furthermore, it designed in MOSFET amplifier. Hands-free calling is possible because of the Bluetooth technology.

Features And Benefits Of FH-x720BT:


pioneer fh x720bt bluetooth installation

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the system is the Bluetooth technology.

This is inbuilt in the system.

This makes many things possible such as hands-free calling.

Furthermore, it makes audio streaming possible.


Another great feature is the variable color illumination. It has thousands of colors and this offers lots of illumination to your car. It does not only make the dash attractive when the receiver is on, it provides enough illumination, which can help you to see clearly. Apart from the illumination, it can boast of up to tens of dimmers. This means that you can control the illumination level.

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Another important feature is the fact that it is compatible with lots of devices. This is because of the MIXTRAX for Dj feature. This makes lots of differences in terms of visual and audio experience. You can pair it with your smartphone and other third-party devices. You can have a wonderful experience when you do this.


Moreover, control is very easy because of the remote control. You can simply control the system with the palms of your hands. The control is wireless and you do not need to overstretch yourself to perform that important function.


It can play different audio formats such as CD-RWs, CD-Rs as well as CDs. Moreover, it can play USB supported memory devices. Moreover, the sound pioneer fh x720bt car stereo reviewsquality is the best you can get because of the advanced sound retriever. You can get superior sounds from compressed music files. It is easy to set the EQs 5 band equalizer, which the system uses. The loudness level is just on three levels.

What People Ask:

Q: Can it work with steering wheel control system?

A: Yes, it can but that is optional. If you want it that way, it can work for you.

Q: Is it possible to charge my Android phones through the USB port provided?

A: Yes, it is possible to charge your phone through the port, but you should not expect the charging efficiency to be like wall charging.

Q: Is this product compatible with my 98 blazer?

A: It is compatible with many vehicles. It is important that you check the features before you buy it. Read reviews to know whether it is compatible with your vehicle.


There are at least three alternatives to this great product. A summary of these alternatives are presented below

Pioneer FH-X731BT 2-Din CD Receiver with Enhanced Audio Functions:

This model is the first alternative to this great product. They have similar features such as built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling. Moreover, they use the wireless audio streaming system. Furthermore, both are compatible with third-party apps such as Pandora and Spotify.

Pioneer Double DIN In-Dash Built-in Bluetooth...
368 Reviews
Pioneer Double DIN In-Dash Built-in Bluetooth...*
  • Built-In Bluetooth for...
  • USB Direct Control For...
  • 3 RCA Preouts (2V) Pioneer ARC...

Pioneer FH-X730BS Vehicle Cd Digital Music Player Receivers, Black:

This is the second similar products on the market. They share similar features such as audio streaming capability through wireless processes. Moreover, they feature an inbuilt Bluetooth hands-free for calling. In addition to that, they are compatible with different third-party particularly Sirius XM, Pandora, as well as Spotify and so on.

Pioneer FH-X730BS Double-Din In-Dash CD...
311 Reviews
Pioneer FH-X730BS Double-Din In-Dash CD...*
  • Built-In Bluetooth for...
  • Pioneer ARC App Compatible
  • Spotify, Works with Pandora,...

Kenwood DPX530BT Double-DIN:

The third compatible device is this Kenwood product. They are both Double DIN stereo. Bluetooth technology plays different important parts in the system. For instance, you can use it for hands-free call. It can play various audio formats. Furthermore, they are compatible with different third-party apps such as Pandora, smartphone and so on.

Kenwood Double-DIN In-Dash CD/MP3/USB...
400 Reviews
Kenwood Double-DIN In-Dash CD/MP3/USB...*
  • Kenwood 2-DIN Car Audio...
  • Plays CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs,...
  • Pandora and iHeartRadio...

Last Word:

It is obvious that Pioneer FHX720BT is one of the best audio stereo systems on the market today. It is compatible with different vehicles. You can use it to play different music formats and it is highly reliable. If you are looking for the best, you should not hesitate to buy it. It is highly recommended.

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