eRapta ERW01 Backup Camera Review In 2023

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Versatility is an important factor vehicle owners consider in choosing rear view camera. The eRapta ERW01 backup camera brand is great because of the extreme versatility.

This means that it can be used for different things at a time. The equipment can be used as a backup camera. Some people use it as a security camera. Many others see it as a forward view camera or as a full-time rear camera and so on.

If you are looking for a great product that can eliminate blind spots around your car, then this is the right camera for you.

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Is the eRapta ERW01 Backup Camera better than the Esky EC135-05 Backup Camera?

When it comes to choosing a backup camera, the eRapta ERW01 may be a better option than the Esky EC135-05 backup camera. With advanced features and reliable performance, the eRapta ERW01 offers superior functionality and quality compared to the Esky EC135-05 backup camera.

Features Of eRapta ERW01 Backup Camera:


Perhaps the greatest outstanding feature here is the stable signal transmission. When you use it, you are going to get stable images, and it can cover a distance of one hundred meters and it works best in open areas.

The most important feature of this camera is the fact that it is a versatile camera. The implication of this is that it can be used for other purposes apart from the usual backup view.

These days, this brand of camera is used for other purposes especially security purposes. It is a great product that is worth having. You are not going to regret buying it because it offers everything that you want from such a camera.

It is going to cover those blind spots in your car and you are going to drive with confidence knowing full well that your rear view camera actually monitors your back for you.

Because of this great feature and other outstanding qualities, this camera is highly recommended.

eRapta ERW01 backup camera review

Reliable Communication

Another important feature is that there is a reliable communication between the monitor and the camera. It can work for up to a distance of 66 feet or 20 meters. The distance is great enough and it can monitor your back and alert you promptly when there is a danger especially when you are reversing.

For the camera to deliver the required services, especially efficient communication with the monitor, then it is important that the appropriate power unit is supplied to the system and the appropriate power unit that can be supplied to the system is 12-36V.

The camera, as well as the monitor, deserves appropriate power. This is the issue which is very important because that is the best way you can derive services from the product.

eRapta ERW01

Color Monitor

Another great feature that you are going to observe here is the fact that this kit has a color monitor. This is a great advantage, especially in the clarity of images displayed at the end of the day.

One of the greatest attributes of a great backup camera is the ability to display superior quality and color images. Many users have rated this product very high because of this. The images are often displayed as a forward view image or it can be displayed as a mirror.

This is very good. If you are interested in getting a quality camera that can always offer good quality images then you have to consider this product. It has an edge over other products in this aspect.

Night vision

When it comes to night vision, there is no other camera that can compare with it. It features superior quality IR that is infrared night vision. If you check, you would observe that the camera does not display any visible light.

This means that the system does not depend on the camera for the clarity of images displayed. Because of this, the camera is highly rated and it is considered by many as the best rear view camera you can ever get.

The camera is efficient and even in complete darkness, you are still going to monitor the events in your back courtesy of this camera. It does not feature any rearward blinding light. The product is recommended because of the quality of image display and technology behind such display.

eRapta ERW01 backup camera

Customer Service

Another thing outstanding about this product is the efficient customer service the company offers to its customers. The customer service department is open 24 hours, and they are going to treat your problems and inquiries with dispatch.

There are different methods of reaching out to the customer department and the most effective amongst them is the email support system.

This means that you can just contact them through the email address and they can respond promptly.


  • The camera is fully waterproofed and this implies that you can use it in rainy season
  • They provide a reliable customer service support and they can attend to you whenever you contact with them
  • It offers efficient night vision. This implies that it is reliable in the night
  • Quality communication between the camera and the monitor
  • It is versatile and this means that it can be used for different purposes


FAQ Of eRapta ERW01

Q: Is it possible and reliable to use the camera with RV trailer that is about 36ft long?

A: There is no problem with that. The service is prompt and effective and it can send and receive signals for up to 60 feet. This means that you do not have anything to lose when you buy it.

Q. How best can it be mounted, can it be mounted wired or wireless?

A: This camera can be mounted wirelessly. You have to ensure that it is well installed so that you can receive good signals


If you are looking for a backup camera that would never disappoint, you can always opt for an eRapta ERW01 backup camera. This is because it contains everything you need to have a comfortable and safe reverse driving.

The camera can be used for different other things apart from serving as a backup. This means that the camera is versatile. When you use it, you are going to have real value for your money. The customer support is efficient and reliable.

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