Auto-Vox M2 Review

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AUTO-VOX M2 1080P HD Rearview Mirror Dash Cam with Car Recorder and Reverse Parking System, Car Rear View Backup Camera is a dual functional product.

It is regarded as a great integrator because it integrates car parking assistance system and car DVR.

It uses an anti dazzling screen mirror, which is white in color. The camera is not difficult to use. It is a question of binding your camera to the place you have your mirror.

It would look great in your, car because it is going to save plenty of spaces for you, as well as money.

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Features Of AUTO-VOX M2 Car Backup Camera

Easy To Install

One of the key features of a good backup camera is installed. This means that when you are looking for the product, you consider how easy it is to be installed.

You have seen that it is not difficult to install the camera and the accessories. You can simply bind it to the place you install your mirror.

Anybody can install the camera and this is an advantage. If you are looking for a camera that you can use without difficulty, then you can always opt for the product.

When you have it, it is going to record events in your rear.

Whether you get the latest or the previous firmware, you are going to enjoy it, but you should know that the newest firmware does not support rear recording.

AUTO-VOX M2 review


The camera can serve at least two basic functions and these include car parking assist system, as well as car DVR. These functions are critical and you need them before you can have a safe driving.

It is a great space saver despite the dual functions it serves. When you bind it to your original mirror, it is going to preserve enough spaces in your car.

As a car parking assist system, it ensures that you park your car according to the line so that it cannot be jammed by other running cars.

Moreover, the backup camera is very efficient. It can perform such other functions like car reverse system, dash cam, as well as an anti-dazzling mirror.

You can hardly get this important feature in similar products out there on the market. It is meant for your comfort and ease of use.

AUTO-VOX M2 installation


WDR is another important feature. This is very important because it ensures that anytime you are using the system that it provides balanced lighting and exposure.

This is great because it would ensure that you always have a clearer view of objects at your back. Many people prefer this product because it would always provide efficient and clearer images even when there is low brightness and when there is over brightness.

auto-vox m2 backup camera

It would always balance the light so that you are going to see the things happening in your back without difficulties.

If you are looking for a rear camera that cannot disappoint you, then you have to opt for this great product. You are going to derive a value for your money.


G sensor function is another great feature you are going to discover in this auto box wireless camera. This feature can be activated by a violent collision.

When this happens the event can easily be videoed, saved and locked. This is to ensure that the newest event does not overwrite the previous event.

This is a great product and you can always rely on it when you want to record events in your back. You can always have a safe and convenient driving when you use this rear view camera.

It integrates all the important features that you require to have a perfect driving. It is strongly recommended for those looking for the perfect rear view camera.

You can hardly get this type of function from other products out there.

auto-vox m2 1080p hd dual lens rearview mirror


The backup camera is waterproofed and this means that it is always safe to use. Even if you use it in winter, you would still derive pleasure from the product because it is designed in such a way that weather does not obstruct its services.

Most importantly, this camera can serve as a park monitor. You can conveniently park your car and go about your business.

The video would be monitoring and recording the events in your back. If there is any shock around the car, the DVR feature would be activated and it would record those events.

It can serve as the police eyes to your car and it would help to ensure that your car is always safe. The car has all the necessary safety attributes.


  • Easy to install
  • Serves multiple functions
  • It has enough safety features on ground to monitor your car
  • It is durable and never disappoints


  • It is not easy to navigate because of the positioning of the menu button


Q. Is it possible to turn off the display when driving?

A:Yes, it has a feature to turn on and off the screen when you are driving. Whether the screen is on or off the DVR would always record whenever there is a need for that.

Q. How is the connection from the rear camera to the backup light done?

A: The installation manual explains everything you need, as well as the steps and procedures to do all the connections. Just refer to the manual, it is simple to connect.

AUTO-VOX M2 user manual


AUTO-VOX M2 1080P HD Rearview Mirror Dash Cam with Car Recorder and Reverse Parking System, Car Rear View Backup Camera and 32GB Micro-SD Included is one of the best rear view cameras you can buy.

It features an all in one integration and this means that it integrates different features without occupying spaces in your vehicle. In the same way, the camera is meant to serve different functions for you.

It is weather friendly as it is one hundred percent waterproofed. Installation is easy and does not take time.

All you need to do is to read the installation manual provided.

You are going to derive maximum benefits when you buy this camera. If you are looking for the best, it is highly recommended.

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