LeeKooLuu CMOS Reverse Rear View Camera Review In 2023

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LeeKooLuu CMOS reverse rear view backup camera is another great product. It comes with a monitoring kit. It delivers clear signals such that you can observe tiny objects.

You are sure that you are going to avert rear accidents with this rear view camera. It makes driving relatively easier for you because there is no need to be turning your back to observe what is happening.

The backup camera is designed to assist you in driving. It monitors your back for you while you concentrate on the steering. Despite the high-end services you derive from this camera, you would be surprised to learn that it is not that expensive.

LeeKooLuu Reverse/Rear View Camera and Mirror...
937 Reviews
LeeKooLuu Reverse/Rear View Camera and Mirror...*
  • Backup Camera and Monitor Kit...
  • The monitor will start up...
  • Adopts 4.3 inch TFT-LCD...

Features Of leekooluu cmos reverse rear view camera:

Quality viewing

When you are looking for a backup camera, one of the features to consider is the quality of rear viewing you get from the product. LeeKooLuu has an edge over several other products in this regard.

LeeKooLuu CMOS Reverse backup Camera review

It features a monitoring kit for your car and that is why you are going to observe anything that moves behind your car. It is a universal waterproof rear view and licensed plate backup camera.

The camera is waterproofed meaning that you are not going to encounter any form of obstruction when you are using it.

Moreover, it is designed to work very well in all weather and that is why it is waterproofed. The backup camera monitor can be adjusted so that you can monitor your rear very well.

Moreover, to facilitate quality image, it features a TFT LCD monitor. This is the industry standard and that is why you are sure of getting the best from the product.

Automatic connection

Secondly, the backup camera can start on its own. This is good because you do not need to bother yourself with how to start the camera, especially when you are going in a reverse movement. Once it starts, it is going to display images from your rear view camera. Just as it starts automatically, it closes itself and it would not do so until you have concluded your reverse movement.

You can easily monitor what you are doing. It is a user-friendly one of the best backup camera on the market today. The camera was designed in such a way that you would not find it difficult to use it. If you want the most convenient backup camera, this great product is recommended for you. You have a lot to gain when you get it.

Anti-Glare Technology

The camera features an anti-glare technology on its screen. This is to make it serve you very well. However, because of this unique feature, it may not deliver the normal bright images.

This does not mean that the images are not going to be bright, but only suggesting that it may not be as bright as you might have expected it to be. This notwithstanding the camera offers the best in terms of display.

It can boast of 4.3 inches display screen and it uses TFT LCD display technology which is currently the best you can lay your hands on that industry. It uses the normal power supply is, which DC 12V and operates at the temperature of minus 20 C to 50 C. You can see that the product is designed to satisfy your driving needs.

leekooluu cmos reverse rear view camera


As you have seen, this backup camera is waterproofed and this makes it durable. More than that, you can conveniently use the camera even in the most unfriendly winter period. You can use it because water would never obstruct the services you derive from the product.

It displays its images in color CMOS and the image size is 688 by 488 pixels. You are able to observe even the tiniest object at your back, because of the wide view field of the lens.

This makes it possible to see objects at your back clearly. The camera is indeed unique and money you spend on it is worth it. It is outstanding and remains one of the best you can lay your hands today.

Complete package

When you order the product from a reliable source, you are going to get the complete package and that means that this product is going to satisfy your needs. You are going to get one monitor using TFT LCD technology.

Secondly, to be included in the package includes one camera, as well as two power cables, and one video cable. To ensure that you do not encounter any difficulty in setting up the system, it features one user manual. All that you need to do is to read the user manual and learn how best to set the camera.

You have seen that everything that you need to have the system setup is provided for you. Most importantly, this camera is still affordable.


  • The camera is affordable
  • It offers great resolution
  • It does a great job as can be seen from the reviews
  • It captures images very well
  • It is waterproofed
  • Leekooluu backup camera installation is easy


  • The camera does not deliver the best quality images, especially in the daytime.

FAQ of leekooluu cmos reverse rear view camera

Q.Does the package include camera, mirror, and all accessories?

A:The product comes with everything that you need to have it installed. You do not need to procure any other thing.

Q. Is the installation process easy?

A:The backup camera is easy and simple to install. All that you need to do is to follow the instruction manual, and you are going to have it installed.

leekooluu cmos reverse rear view camera installation


Leekooluu cmos reverse rear view camera is one of the greatest and user-friendly products that you can lay your hands on the market today. You can see the features and it contains everything you need. It is not difficult to install. Just follow the instructional manual and you are going to leekooluu backup camera installation is easy.

It can be used in all weather and it is waterproofed. Most importantly, this backup camera is affordable, despite the high-end services it offers you. If you are looking for the best rear camera, we are not hesitating in recommending this brand for you. You are going to derive a real value for your money.

LeeKooLuu Reverse/Rear View Camera and Mirror...
937 Reviews
LeeKooLuu Reverse/Rear View Camera and Mirror...*
  • Backup Camera and Monitor Kit...
  • The monitor will start up...
  • Adopts 4.3 inch TFT-LCD...

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