What is the Orange Wire for on a Car Stereo

The orange wire on a car stereo is typically used for the remote turn-on of an amplifier. When the head unit is turned on, it sends a signal to the amplifier to turn on as well.

If you’ve ever installed a car stereo, you know that there are a lot of wires to keep track of. Some are obvious (like the power wire), but others can be a little more confusing. One wire that often stumps people is the orange wire.

So, what is the orange wire for on a car stereo? In most cases, it is the remote turn-on wire. This means that when you turn on your car stereo, the amplifier will also turn on automatically.

If your car stereo doesn’t have an orange wire, or if it’s not labeled clearly, consult your owner’s manual or ask a professional for help.

What is the Orange Wire for on a Car Stereo

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What Does the Orange Wire Connect To?

If you’re working with electrical wiring, it’s important to know what each wire color corresponds to. The orange wire is typically used for hot wires and can be found in circuits that carry high currents. It’s important to connect this wire to the proper terminal on your electrical device so that it doesn’t overheat.

Where Do I Connect the Orange Wire?

If you’re working with electrical wiring, the orange wire is most likely the live wire. This is the wire that carries electricity to your devices. You’ll need to connect this wire to the live terminal on your switch or outlet.

The live terminal is usually marked with a “+” sign. Once you’ve connected the orange wire to the live terminal, you can move on to connecting the other wires.

What Color Wires Go Together in a Car Stereo?

If you’re looking to install a car stereo, you’ll need to know which wires go where. In this blog post, we’ll break down the different colors of wires and what they’re used for in a car stereo system.The most common colors used in car stereo wiring are:

Red: PowerYellow: Constant 12V+

Where Do You Connect the Yellow Wire on a Car Stereo?

If you’re installing a car stereo, the yellow wire is the constant 12 volt power supply. This wire provides a connection to the battery so that your stereo can maintain its settings and memory when the vehicle is turned off. The yellow wire should be connected to the positive terminal of your car’s battery.

What To Do With The Orange Wire When Wiring A Aftermarket Stereo

Where to Connect Orange Illumination Wire

One of the most popular and easily recognizable car modifications is adding underglow lights. These lights add a touch of personality to your car and can really make it stand out from the crowd. Many people choose to install underglow lights because they add a bit of safety as well.

When driving at night, having extra light shining from beneath your car can help you be seen by other drivers.If you’re interested in installing underglow lights on your car, one of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out where to connect the orange illumination wire. This wire is responsible for powering the lights and ensuring that they turn on when you want them to.

There are a few different places that you can connect the orange illumination wire depending on your specific vehicle. One option is to tap into a power source that’s already present in your car. For example, many people will splice into their headlight wiring in order to get power for their underglow lights.

Another option is to run an entirely new wire from your battery directly to the location where you’ll be mounting the lights. This ensures that there’s plenty of power available for the lights and eliminates any potential issues with tapped into existing wiring.No matter which method you choose, connecting the orange illumination wire is a relatively simple task that even novice mechanics can handle with ease.

So if you’re looking to add some personality (and perhaps even safety) to your ride, don’t forget about underglow lights!


The orange wire on a car stereo is typically used for the remote turn-on signal. This wire sends a 12-volt signal to the amplifier, telling it to turn on. In most cases, this wire will be connected to the ignition switch so that the amplifier turns on and off with the car.

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