CLARION EQS746 Review In 2023 For Music Lover

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If you were not enjoying your auto sound system because the EQ settings of your vehicles are below expectation, you have to turn to Clarion EQS746. It is designed to satisfy you by providing you with the best.

Clarion EQS755 7-Band Car Audio Graphic...
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Clarion EQS755 7-Band Car Audio Graphic...*
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It is an advanced rotary equalizer and it is unique because it can offer seven-band sound customization and equalization. Moreover, the frequency of each band is adjustable.

Things To Consider Before Buying:

It is not easy to buy this kind of product unless you had previous experience. For those who have not used this kind of product before, it is important that they are guided to avoid making mistakes. Here are some important buying guides.

Ease of use:

You have seen this device is an aftermarket product; therefore, it may not be that simple to use. Before you commit your money, study the product to ensure that you will not find it difficult to use it. This is very important. Read the clarion eqs746 manual, and this can assist you in using it.

Easy installation:

Another important factor that is how easy to install the device. Clarion eqs746 wiring diagram instructions can help in this area by consulting the product manual. It is not necessary to buy a system that proves stubborn to you.

Clarion eqs746 review:

This is a seven-band graphic equalizer and it features six channels as well as seven-volt RCA outputs. The outputs are for the subwoofer, rear as well as the front. Most importantly, the product features an inbuilt crossover.

Clarion EQS746

Another important aspect is the adjustable master volume control. It is easier for you to control the volume level both in the subwoofer level and the master volume level and so on.

Another great attribute is the two RCA AUX input channels. This features an adjustable gain selectable as well as a 12dB crossover. This is a low pass crossover.

The dimensions of the product are seven-inches wide, one-inch high as well as four-inches deep. It is important to state that this model is not for all vehicles. It is meant for those vehicles with negative ground. It features a 12-volt battery. It is obvious from the features discussed above that this is an advanced model.

Features And Benefits:


The product is highly advanced and that is why you can customize the sound system to suit your needs. As an advanced rotary equalizer, it features seven-band equalization. This means that you can easily customize the sound system to satisfy your personal needs. You are going to enjoy quality sounds coming from the system.


When you are looking for this kind of product, one of the key features to consider is the ease of control. You can control the sound system by simply adjusting the frequencies. The frequencies for each of the seven-bands can be adjusted to suit your needs. In the same way, you can control the subwoofer through the dedicated subwoofer level.

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Furthermore, the issue of compatibility is another great attribute of this product. You can use it to play third-party music by using the auxiliary input on the back of the system. This means that you can play music from the different sources and you enjoy the quality of sound coming from the system.


Installing the product is not difficult. It is a question of reading the manuals. This can assist you in the installation process. The product features a bracket for mounting and you can mount it under the dash. If you do not want to install it in the dash, you can install it in different places such as the console and any other place that suit your purpose.

clarion eqs746 manual

This is a superior quality equalizer. If you set it very well, you will like the superior quality sound. It can perform better than several other products out there. It has the most formidable features and it is certain that when you use the product that you get real value for your money. This product is highly recommended because it is simply the best. It can perform even in a situation where similar products can fail to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:I have 2001 models of Chevy Silverado. Can it fit into the single dash with a deck of this vehicle?

A:It is not likely that it can fit. This is because it requires half DIN opening. If this is not possible, it has to come with mounting hardware.

Q:Does the product use aux and main simultaneously?

A:It may not be possible. This is because you cannot use the two at the same time. If you decide to use the aux, you will discover that the main will be down. This shows that they cannot work simultaneously.

Q:Is there any mounting kit for this product?

A:When you want to mount the product, you will discover that it features the necessary kit for its installation. You can decide where best to mount it.


Clarion EQS755 – 7-Band Graphic Equalizer:

This model can serve as a replacement for EQs 746. The same company introduces it to the market. In terms of features, clarion eqs746 vs. eqs755, the later has some improved quality, which you cannot see in the model before 755.

Clarion EQS755 7-Band Car Audio Graphic...
3,620 Reviews
Clarion EQS755 7-Band Car Audio Graphic...*
  • 1/2-DIN chassis graphic...
  • 3.5mm Front aux input2-channel...
  • Blue illumination independent...
Moreover, both make for easy control. Perhaps the greatest thing about this product is that it is compatible with lots of third-party applications. You can enjoy the same thing when you use this related product from the same company.

NVX XEQ7 – Graphic Equalizer:

This model is also similar to EQS 746. They are not from the same company. The system is designed to suit your tastes. There is nothing like one size fits all in this scenario. It shares the same feature. It is a seven-band stereo equalizer.

NVX XEQ7 - Graphic Equalizer 7-Band Graphic...
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NVX XEQ7 - Graphic Equalizer 7-Band Graphic...*
  • Dual Auxiliary Inputs
  • Master & Subwoofer Volume...
  • Gold-Plated Contacts
The control method is almost the same thing with the two products. It can be used on third-party devices, which means that you can use it for different Apple and Android supported devices.

Hifonics HFEQ:

This is another alternative. They have similar features. You can control both of them the same way.

Hifonics HFEQ Multiple Source Signal...
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Hifonics HFEQ Multiple Source Signal...*
  • Quick Control – The Hifonics...
  • Fine Tuning – With master...
  • Level Controls – Input level...
Furthermore, you can easily use it on third-party apps like iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Android phones and so on.


If you are looking for the perfect dash speaking system, you have come to the right place. This product is designed to serve your purpose very well. You can easily use and control them. You can customize the sound system the way it fits your purpose.

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