How To Install Backup Camera On Car

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Every vehicle deserves a backup camera. There are lots of reasons you need a backup camera. The most important reason is that it would ensure the safety of your car when you drive.

Furthermore, whether you are driving in the day or the night, you need the rear view camera to watch your back closely. Moreover, when you want to park you can observe your parking position very well. There are other important uses of this type of camera.

Before you use the camera, you would first learn how to install the backup camera on a car. It is always better if you allow experts to install it for you. There are several aftermarket products on the market, which you can easily install after reading the instruction manual.​

Backup cameras are available in different styles and colors and this means that you can easily choose a product that can suit your vehicle.

For easy installation, several of the products are accompanied with a license plate frame for easy mounting. Others could be license plate mountable. There could be others, which could be flush mounted on your car bumper.

Rear view cameras are available in such colors like chrome color, black color and they are mountable. Because of this, they can match any type of vehicle, as there are varieties in the market.​

Moreover, there are different kinds of features available in the product and they include night vision and distance meters and several other interesting features.

How to Install Backup Camera on a Car​

Installing a backup camera on any vehicle takes some processes. Here are some important steps you can take when you are installing this kind of camera to your car.

how to install backup camera on car

Step-1 Plan for adding backup camera to your Car

The first major step you will take when you are installing a rear view camera is to plan for it. You cannot start mounting it without first planning for it.

You must equip yourself with the knowledge of how to install it on your car. You cannot successfully install it if you do not have a good idea of how to do the installation and how the system works.​

​Step-2 Run the cable and mount the rear view camera

The first thing that you have to do is to have a plan in place. When you have done that, you can go ahead and buy the product.

Ensure that the correct accessories arrive with the camera. When the camera and all the necessary accessories are assembled, then the next thing to do is mount the camera and follow up by running the cables.

You must first mount that camera on your vehicle. Decide on the most convenient place to run the cables. While running the cables, it is advisable to start from the vehicle front. This is where it can be connected to the head unit in your car.

how to install rear view camera on car

The wiring system depends on the type of camera you are using. The wiring system may be different if you are mounting a wireless camera.​

Moreover, the cable has to pass through the trunk, and it has to pass through the interior of the vehicle. Furthermore, pass it through the side kick panel. From there take it to dash and then to the radio.

Step-3 Backup connection​

The next thing you do is to connect your backup camera cables. This has to be connected to the head unit. While doing that connection, the most important area you are going to take care of includes the power cables and the video input. In connecting the system to the power wires, it should be connected to the head unit power connections.

The next thing to do is to put the video output connection. The video output is attached to the backup camera and connects it to the head unit video input.

If there are other further connections that your backup camera requires, the connection has to be done. Such connection may include remote connection and so on.​

Step-4 Test it​

When you have done all the necessary connections, then you have to rest run what you have connected to ensure that it is functioning very well. Start and fire the vehicle, and reverse the gear, this can help determine whether your rear view camera is working the way you wanted it to be or not.​

It may be necessary to check the features of your camera to ensure that everything works the way it should be. If there is any need, some of the camera features could be adjusted to ensure that everything is okay.

When you have tested everything and you are sure that they are working very well, then you are almost ready to go.

Step-5 Reassemble your vehicle​

Perhaps the most important and the last thing that you may do is to reassemble the vehicle. The most important thing that you are required to do here is to replace any panels that were affected during the installation process to ensure that it is well restored.

This is the simple installation process and this does not take more than thirty minutes to be concluded for professionals. You can spend a couple of hours if you were installing it by yourself.

One thing that you should note is that it is not a complicated process to install that camera on your own. Once you follow the simple procedures provided to you above. Manuals and other instruction manuals that would guide you are there provided for you.

When you have the camera properly installed, you would begin to enjoy most of the benefits of the camera.​

install a rear view camera on car

Many people who have installed the camera on their vehicles in the past, do not actually know how it is done. Tutorials provided can guide even a novice to have it installed. Once you take your time to study the installation process, you are not going to find it difficult to install it.

What you Require to add a Backup Camera to your Car

When you want to install the backup camera to your vehicle, there are some important items you require. They include the backup camera, which you are going to install to monitor at the back of your car. This is the most important item you require for the installation.

Another important item that you require for the installation includes your car. This is where the installation is going to take place. The camera can be installed in cars built within the last decade. The type of camera to be installed is the aftermarket camera and most of them are wireless cameras.​

The other important item that you require for that installation includes cables and wire. This is what you run through the unit to connect the various components.

Another accessory required for the connection includes the head unit and the monitor. The monitor is where the camera sends the signals so that you can comfortably monitor your back when you put your vehicle in the reverse gear.

The viewing screen is equally important because you need to view the screen as you drive. Furthermore, the source power could be required. This depends on the type of camera you want to install.

Learning how to install a backup camera on a car may not be difficult. It is important to emphasize at this stage that there are different rear view cameras and because of that, the installation process may not be the same for all the cameras.

You are going to expect some minor variations in the process. The most important thing is to follow those tutorials already made available to you. It is going to facilitate the connection and the installation process.​

Some important safety tips to add a Backup Camera

It is good to be safe when you are doing that connection and installation. Most of the safety tips are often provided in the installation manual.

One of the basic tips you must observe is that the battery cables must be disconnected from the battery. Cable size is equally important. You can check the manual to determine the best wrench size to use for the connection and the installation.

When you have disconnected the cable from the battery, it is important that you leave a reasonable distance from the battery post. The essence is to ensure that the cable does not touch the battery terminal when you do not expect it, which could be dangerous to your health.

When you have completed the installation process, then you can reconnect the battery and put the car in the reverse to know whether it can work. The most important point you are going to note here is that the battery must be reconnected before the system must work.​

Furthermore, know the system would not work if it is not installed correctly, because of that, you must check the system to ensure that it is properly installed. If not well installed, it would not receive any video signals.

Most importantly, ensure that you do not install the device when the battery is connected. You are going to suffer from severe electric shock if you do so.

Last Words

If you want to learn how to install a backup camera on your car, the above information is going to help you. Various do it yourself tutorials are available, which can guide you in the installation process.

This means that you are not required to become a professional before you can embark on the process. However, it is a good idea to hire professionals to do that installation for you because they can do a better job. If you want to hire professionals, compare their costs before you make your choice.

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