Why Is My Backup Camera Not Working?

Last updated on February 27th, 2022 at 09:57 pm

By 2018, driving without a backup camera will become an offense in this country. Backup camera is the most important kit for any driver, if yours is not working, you need to resolve why is my backup camera not working. Moreover, it helps to prevent parallel parking, and most importantly, it provides the most needed safety and sanity on the road.

It is good for the safety of both the driver and other road users. As you already know, it is designed to work when the vehicle is put in the reverse gear. However, there may be a time you put the vehicle on the reverse gear and you notice that it does not work for you because it does not produce any image and other such problems.

why is my backup camera not working

Many people don’t know how to use backup camera. Whenever such a problem occurs, the best thing to do is to find a solution to the problem. Many of these problems could be solved without taking it back to the technicians. It is a question of troubleshooting on the problem and finding the solution to it.

Sometimes the errors could be minor, which means that it can be solved by a small fix. When it becomes complex, technicians can help to solve it, or it may involve replacement of the camera.

Researching on the problem and troubleshooting the best way out of the problem should always be the first choice. Perhaps, you could repair the problem on your own because the information you require to solve such problems is already made available to you.

Here are the causes of why is my backup camera not working:

1. Poor image quality:

The most common problems backup cameras often have are displayed grainy or fuzzy image. This is the most common problem and it can always be fixed without many difficulties. When this happens, the most likely cause of the problem is dirty.

The camera could be dirty because it is too close to the ground. When that it is the problem, it could get dirty easily because of rain, dust, or mud. Furthermore, it can get dirty during an extremely windy or dry weather. It is not difficult to solve this kind of problem. The camera simply requires cleaning. Just take a piece of clean cloth and wipe the lens. In doing that use lint-free cloth. This will prevent lens scratching.

Most of the likely problems are presented in the owner’s manual. You have to refer to the manual from time to time to know how to deal with certain problems when they arise. There are different camera models and this implies that the lens is not often located in the same place. Because of this, you need to refer to the manual to determine the exact location of the lens.​

why backup camera not working

2. Reverse camera does not come up at all:

Another likely problem you can encounter with your auto reverse camera is the situation where it does not come up at all. If you put the reverse gear and you discover that the backup camera does not come up at all. Then you have to troubleshoot the problem to know how best to deal with it first before looking for outside help. As said before, you have to refer to the manual to determine the likely cause of the problem.

The likely cause is the blown fuse. This fuse goes with the backup camera. The major problem in solving them is determining where the fuse is located. The location varies and it depends on the type of camera or vehicle. Because of this, you have to consult your manual to determine the exact location and begin to solve the problem.

In some vehicles, the fuse box is located under the steering wheel while in some others it can be found under the dash. In many vehicles, it is located in the glove box. When you discover the location, then you have to search for the specific fuse you are looking for because there are several other fuses within, and they perform different functions. Look for the one that goes with a rearview camera, bring it out, and begin to replace it.

Before you replace it, you have to test it to determine whether it is actually the cause of the problem. You can determine whether it is faulty by merely looking at it. However, this kind of problem is always associated with this kind of fuse. When you test it with a new one, you can tell whether it is the cause of the problem or not.

3. Image does not come up when the car is in the reverse gear:

Again, this can be caused by the wiring system. This problem is not common but they do occur. When the wiring is loose, then the problem could be manifest. If the backup camera is pre-installed, which means that it comes from the manufacturer, it may not occur, but if it is an aftermarket product, it could occur. Bear this in mind when you are confronted with this kind of problem.

The solution is to check whether the wire is loose. Again, you have to determine where it is connected to the electronic system to know whether it is loose or not. Your car model, as well as the camera manual, can assist you in resolving this problem. All you need to do is to trace the wiring system from one end to the other end to ensure that they are securely fixed.

4. The camera could not record images​:

When this is the problem, you can troubleshoot to solve the problem. The likely cause could be the setting. You must ensure that you select the photography mode. Some products require you set it before it could work for you. Ensure that you set it to the correct mode all the times such as video mode, photography mode, as well as playback mode and so on, depending on the camera type.

Secondly, ensure that the internal memory is not full because if it is full, it would no longer record any image for you.​

5. Blank LCD:

In some types of camera, there is a monitor button and when you place it off it will be blank. Because of this, you have to know the type of monitor you are using and check whether it is on or off. If it is off, you have to switch it on.

In the same way, if your camera has a power saving mode and this is enabled, it is likely that the LCD could be blank after the certain time of inactivity. Because of this, you have to check to ensure that it is not in the saving mode.

If you cannot fix these minor and common errors, then the fault could fatal and in which case, you could require a new backup camera.


The information above will help you to resolve the problem of why is my backup camera not working. You discover that the problem is not as complex as you think. Troubleshooting the problem can help you to resolve it.

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